Choosing Fashion Magazines Names

Choosing Fashion Magazines Names

fashion magazine names

Fashion magazine names are not chosen arbitrarily. A lot of thought goes into each issue and the process of picking out a name is often competitive, not to mention fun. Names are based on marketability, but they also reflect a designer’s personality and taste. The right combination of a marketable name and a designer’s expertise will result in a name that sells well.


Many factors go into choosing names. Advertising consultants typically help with the naming decisions. They take into account marketability, popularity and suitability for print, television or Internet use. Print publications have different set rules than their Web counterparts. The guidelines are different as well.


Advertising agencies help determine which names are the best. They collect data on names and compile lists of potential names. The top names are reviewed and a short list of favorites is chosen. The agency’s recommendation is then presented to the editor. The staff at the publication will review the list and make suggestions to increase its appeal.


Once a name is chosen, it goes back to the advertising agency to make sure the best presentation version is available. They may suggest names from other magazines that best describe the contents of the current issue. If a matching set of names is already in the book, a new one can be chosen. The agency makes sure the new name has a strong marketability rating.


Seasonal names are popular for fashion magazine covers. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are the seasons when most issues are written. These names carry enough appeal to catch the eye of readers and help create a higher circulation. Advertising agencies can also find names from specific times of the year by requesting them from clothing manufacturers or retailers. For instance, fall is often associated with vacations, winter with Halloween, and spring with weddings.


There are numerous advantages of choosing popular names for the covers of a fashion magazines. It creates a better image of the magazine and its advertisers. Readers tend to feel more comfortable when they see familiar names on the covers. Advertisers benefit by choosing popular names because they create a greater chance of their ads being seen.


Readers like to read names that have been used in the community. An example is the names of hometown celebrities. Readers will recognize actors and actresses from their own community. They will identify with them and may want to follow their activities. Readers may choose to keep the magazine for years to come and enjoy reading the same names time and again.


When publishing a fashion magazine, writers need to choose names carefully. The best names will draw readers to the ads. Advertising agencies will spend a great deal of time selecting appropriate names for the magazine. The choice will depend on attracting readers and advertisers.


Once names have been selected, they will be submitted to magazines in several locations. The ads will then be reviewed by advertising agencies. If the ad sounds appropriate, the publisher may submit it to print. If it does not, it may be suggested for revisions. If it is accepted, the magazine will be printed and the names will appear on all issues.

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