How to Make a Living As a Fashion Designer and Dressmaker

How to Make a Living As a Fashion Designer and Dressmaker

The field of fashion designing and dressmaking started many years back with the advent of tailors and other people who were interested in providing clothes and accessories to people. It then turned into a more specialized field after clothing was introduced in the market. Nowadays, fashion designing and dressmaking is one of the most popular hobbies that people who have a creative side can have.

fashion designing and dressmaking


Fashion designing and dressmaking does not only involve making clothes for the fashion industry. These days, it has also become an art to make clothes for different occasions such as casual wear, party dresses, formal wear and workwear. There are even people who make outfits for their own personal use or to sell it to others. These clothes can be made from different materials such as silk, cotton, linen, nylon, rayon and leather. Textiles that are used by fashion designers and dressmakers are very expensive.


A fashion designer can either specialize in one particular area such as women’s clothes, men’s clothes or accessories or he can combine both. Some of the areas that the dressmaker can focus on include fashion and accessories, women’s wear, men’s wear and children’s wear. Fashion designer and dressmakers can also work independently by starting their own business or setting up an internet-based business.


Before you can start fashion designing and dressmaking, it is important for you to have a basic understanding about the dressmaking processes as well as fabrics. For instance, a cloth that is used for dressmaking can be made of wool, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibers. When the fabric is used for the clothes, it can be of any material and you must understand which type of fabric suits which type of clothes. There are several dressmaking processes that are involved in the making of clothes.


You can begin designing and creating patterns by looking at fashion magazines, taking pictures of clothes that you like, or by using the available software in your computer. After you have created some designs, you will need to test them for functionality and durability. If you are creating your designs online, you will also need to optimize your designs for web browsers. Optimizing your designs will make your designs look good on the screen as well as on the printer. You will also need to test all your patterns before you distribute them to manufacturers.


Once you have created your designs and then tested them, you will be required to create the patterns. Designing and creating patterns are an important part of fashion designing and dressmaking. The patterns will help you understand the basic concepts of fashion designing and dressmaking. After creating the patterns, you will be required to test each design on a small scale and see how it fits and looks like. Once you complete the testing and modifications, you will then be required to print the clothing.

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