Name Ideas For a Fashion Magazine

Name Ideas For a Fashion Magazine

Name ideas for your fashion magazine can be a lot of fun. Most people like to name their magazines after the particular fashion statements of the year. The best way to get started is by thinking about the current fashion statements and how you want your readers to feel when reading your magazine. Here are some fashion magazine name ideas for you to think about.

fashion magazine name ideas


Esquire – Everyone has an obsession with celebrities and what they are doing. So if you are in the business of featuring celebrity fashion, then naming your magazine Esquire might just be a perfect choice. Just make sure that you can keep it current, but not too much at the same time because people won’t enjoy reading a fashion column that looks 20 years old.


Glamour – Everyone loves glamour models and glamorous fashion magazines. naming your magazine Glamour could be a great name for your publication. Just be sure that you don’t do it all the time. I mean, come on – we know glamour isn’t everything but it’s close!


Lucky – another name for fashion magazines can be either lucky or fabulous. If you’re into fashion and have lucky friends then naming your magazine Lucky could be perfect. You could talk about how lucky you are to be a model or a celebrity. For women, the name of a fashion magazine would be pretty self-explanatory. For men, they can name their fashion magazines anything that fits their personality.


Allure – I think that name sounds pretty good for any fashion magazine. It’s actually a two-word description that describes the way that people feel when they go to a fashion magazine. I would suggest that you do not use allure as a name for your fashion magazine because people will soon get bored with it. A name that sounds like appeal would be perfect.


You can literally get hundreds of fashion magazine names just by doing a search online. Just do a search on fashion magazines and you’ll see what comes up. If you do not have any ideas for magazine names, just remember the name that you feel most comfortable with and stick to that.


Another name you might consider for a magazine is Baby Doll. Baby Doll is a magazine that is dedicated specifically to young teenage girls. Its name originates from the fact that a lot of the content is centered around young teenage girls and what they are doing at that age. It’s not really the name of the magazine but more of a description of the type of content it contains.


When looking for name ideas, you should keep in mind that the fashion industry changes so quickly and so much that the magazines you pick up years later will probably not reflect the trends you see today. So make sure you don’t settle for the first magazine you see. Take the time to look online and find the next best one. There are literally thousands of websites out there dedicated to the best and latest fashion. They will have the top name brand products at the best prices.


Finding the right name for your new fashion magazine can be fun and challenging. But remember, with any name, you want it to stick in people minds. A good name will bring in readers and attract advertisers. And when that happens, you get to make more money!

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